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Welcome to Towing Software

Welcome to TOWSPEC.COM the most comprehensive towing information site on the Internet.

What is

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TOWSPEC.COM is an up-to-date resource to find the latest towing instructions for all vehicles on the road today.  The site provides tow limits, hook and jack points, and manufacturer warnings.  An operator is able to retrieve the information by typing all or part of a make, model and/or year of the desired vehicle.  Once the information is displayed, it may be printed; sent to an email address; or sent to a driver’s alphanumeric pager. TOWSPEC.COM is the first of several FREE utilities that will provide information and functionality through the internet for the entire industry.

How do I start using
To begin using the site you must register your company information.  This information is required so that you may send the towing information to an alphanumeric pager or email address.

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