2013 - 2019

Ford CMax Hybrid

Apx. Weight
4000 lbs.
Drive Type
Front wheel drive
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Tower Tip: Storing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles • If the HV battery is confirmed or suspected of being physically damaged, notify Ford USA 1-800- 392-3673 or Ford Canada 1-800-565-3673 as there may be additional steps necessary to secure, discharge, handle, and/or store the HV battery and vehicle. • Do not store a severely damaged vehicle with a lithium-ion battery inside a structure or within 50 ft (15 m) of any structure or vehicle. • Make sure that passenger and cargo compartments remain ventilated. • Prior to placing and while located in storage area/tow lot, continue to inspect vehicle for leaking fluids, sparks, smoke, flames, gurgling or bubbling sounds from the HV battery and call 911 if any of these are detected. • Maintain clear access to stored vehicles for monitoring and emergency response if needed. For specific information and safety preparation regarding the HV system, refer to WWW.MOTORCRAFTSERVICE.COM, select quick guides for the appropriate vehicle emergency response guide.

Front Wheel Lift


Rear Wheel Lift & Dollies


No J-Hooks. Hybrid High Voltage Wiring Caution: Avoid wiring under vehicle when making tow connections.


Front Tow Limits MPH Miles
Automatic Unl Unl
Manual N/A N/A

Rear Tow Limits MPH Miles
Automatic No No
Manual N/A N/A





Not Available

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